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We offer consultancy to agribusiness companies

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Agribusiness companies consultancy

We all know that sometimes we are stacked.

We know that sometimes our business suffers but we don’t understand why and how we can make it safe and sound again.

Sometimes we don’t even know how much we lose.


  • 20 years of experience with ABCD and many others
  • Expertise in business development or reconstruction for private or stock exchange listed companies.
  • A clear track of mission accomplished (budgets, numbers, key indicators, P&Ls).
  • Zero failure in 20 years of agribusiness.
  • Specialization: business development from scratch, business reformulation and reconstruction, development of businesses stacked in today status-quo..
  • Running as Managing Director, CEO or Head of Trade.
Consultanta firme agribusiness

This service addresses to trading companies, input distributors, machineries distributors, processors or integrators (TRADE - DISTRIBUTORS - PROCESSORS).

Cezar Gheorghe at a glance

Agribusiness expert, with over 20 years of experience:

  • 9 years with Cargill
  • 3 years with Ameropa
  • 2 years with Chimpex
  • 3 years with Bunge
  • 4 years with Agricover

Wide area of expertise from cereals and oilseeds trade to budget development, contract negotiation, corporate reorganization, operations and profit management.

Recognition Cezar Gheorghe

Cezar is often cited by:

Agricolumn - Bloomberg
Agricolumn - Financial Times
Agricolumn - Reuters
Agricolumn - Forbes

Cezar often appears at:

Agricolumn - Digi 24
Agricolumn - Europa FM
Agricolumn - AgroTV
Agricolumn - Ziarul Financiar

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